About Us

Welcome to AAYO ‘All About Your Organization‘, We are more than a company – we are the driving force behind a dynamic portfolio of online ventures, each designed to excel in its domain and contribute to a digital future enriched with innovation and value.

Founded in 2023 on Feb 7  by Prajwal Pokhrel, AAYO Pvt LTD has come a long way from its beginnings in Kathmandu, Nepal. When Prajwal Pokhrel first started out, his passion for Blogging and web Development.

Our Vision

Our vision at AAYO is to curate, create, and connect. We curate opportunities, creating spaces where digital dreams come to life. Our driving force is the unwavering commitment to connect individuals, businesses, and communities through our diverse online platforms.

Our Portfolio

AAYO proudly oversees a constellation of websites, each specializing in a unique niche and consistently delivering exceptional content, experiences, and services:

  1. Notes.AAYO: A dedicated resource hub for +2 NEB students, offering meticulously crafted educational materials and guidance for academic excellence.
  2. TechBit Nepal: Your ultimate source for detailed specifications and insights on mobiles, laptops, and the latest gadgets, guiding you in your tech exploration.
  3. Gaadi.AAYO: Your go-to destination for automotive enthusiasts, providing a wealth of information on automobiles, industry updates, and new launches.
  4. Tips.AAYO: A treasure trove of valuable tips, suggestions, and how-tos for enhancing various aspects of life, empowering you with expert guidance.

Our Promise

With AAYO, you can expect quality, innovation, and commitment. We commit to providing excellence in all we do. Whether it’s delivering educational support, tech insights, automotive updates, or valuable life tips, our goal is to make a positive impact on your digital journey.

Connect With Us

AAYO is not just a network of websites; it’s a digital community where information, ideas, and aspirations converge. We invite you to connect with us, explore new opportunities, and be part of the AAYO journey. For inquiries, collaborations, or partnership opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [provide contact information].

AAYO – Nurturing the digital future, one platform at a time.


Prajwal Pokhrel