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AAYO Holdings, a distinguished parent company, spearheads an array of enterprises, each characterized by its unique expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Our subsidiary companies include Notes AAYO, TechBit Nepal, Gaadi AAYO, and Tips AAYO, which collectively form a dynamic ecosystem poised for innovation and success.

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Our Sub-Companies

AAYO have Sub-Companies related to different informative things. i.e.

  • Notes.AAYO is your trusted source for +2 NEB educational resources. Our commitment to excellence means we provide expertly curated notes, solutions, and questions, empowering students to excel in their studies and fulfill their educational goals.
  • Gaadi.AAYO is your premier source for informative automotive blogs, updates, and industry insights. Stay in the know about the latest launches and trends with us.
  • Tips.AAYO delivers valuable tips, suggestions, and how-tos for all aspects of life, with a steadfast commitment to excellence.
  • TechBit Nepal is your unparalleled destination for in-depth specifications on mobiles, laptops, and various gadgets. We are your trusted source for comprehensive information on the latest tech innovations.

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At AAYO, we curate and connect a constellation of websites, specializing in education, technology, automobiles, and lifestyle tips, all designed to enrich your digital journey. Our commitment is to deliver quality, innovation, and expertise across our digital platforms, ensuring you find valuable content and experiences at every click.


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